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Ensuring an effortless Visa application process and an exceptional travel experience to our customers

Etimad (Private) Limited provides an extensive array of Visa services and Value added services to ensure an effortless Visa application process and an exceptional travel experience to our customers.

Premium service options are made available to customers for speed, convenience and luxury.

1. Visa services Show Details

The Visa services include managing and administrating the Visa Application and delivery process on behalf of Saudi Diplomatic mission.

Based on the type of Visa, the services cover Visa information and Application Guidance, Application Submission and Processing assistance, Biometrics, Fee management, Application tracking, Status Notifications, Alerts and Reminders, Visa delivery and Verification services.

Visa Information and Application Guidance

We understand the need and nature of dynamic changes in Visa laws, rules and regulations on various factors like eligibility, requirements, fees, quotas etc. Hence we manage and disseminate accurate and current Visa information to Visa applicants. Our detailed Knowledge base is maintained and made available through multiple channels of communication like Website, Call Center, Visa Centers, Kiosks, Mail etc.21

Up-to-date Visa information - This includes Information on various types of visas available, Pre requisites and documents required to obtain the visa, Steps for application, Visa Fees, Stay durations, Average process times, Premium service options available and more.

Information on Visa service locations - Visa Application Centers, Embassy and Consulate information, Addresses, Location maps, Operating hours and so on.

Visa Application Guidance and Support - This service includes helping the applicant in determining the correct type of visa to apply for, Instructions and guidance on the supporting documents required, providing help with the completion and submission of the application forms, Application and Documents review.

Visa Application Submission, Status tracking and Delivery

The service involves verification and safe collection of completed Application forms, fee and supporting documents from applicants on behalf of the Visa authorities and submission to the respective Embassy, Consulate or Diplomatic mission for processing and issuance of Visas.

The service is extended to processing assistance through Checking and verification of completed Application forms, supporting documents to ensure the application is accurate and accompanied by the correct and required documentation.

Once the Visa is obtained from the authorities, the Visa delivery process is facilitated for the applicant, either through courier/post, direct collection by applicant or direct delivery by our service representative as a premium service.

To benefit our customers, we ensure they are well informed and updated of the status of all activities related to our services, right from the time of Visa inquiry through Visa delivery, Travel experience and value added services at both home and destination countries and also the services that they can utilize for future travels.

We provide efficient Application status tracking, Alerts and Reminders for Appointments and other events, Visa delivery Notifications, through various channels such as the etimad website, e-mail, calls, Kiosks, SMS and mobile applications.

Identity management with Biometrics

We handle the identity management of applicants, through Biometrics systems, on behalf of Governments requiring the service. The Biometric identification of applicants involves providing unique identifiers to applicants and may be established through fingerprint scanning, face, iris or retina scanning using sensors that acquire the information.

We deploy standards compliant, state-of-the-art biometric systems and fraud resistant processes which ensure safe extraction of unique identifier, storage, accurate matching and verification in subsequent processing. The robust technology ensures superior performance with speed and accuracy.

The collection of biometric identifiers, enrollment of applicants, is performed with utmost security and privacy. Integrated systems provide the capability to transfer encrypted biometric information safely to the Government systems. Biometric authentication of applicants in consequent transactions ensures fraud prevention.

We constantly strive to improve process and continue to look for advances in technology and standards, to increase the quality of our Identity management services.

2. Value added services Show Details

The services are offered under one roof at Etimad (Private) Limited - A combined center for Visa and Value added services located at various premium retail locations across Pakistan. They serve as a one stop shop for travelers to facilitate the application of visas and to obtain a wide range of travel and lifestyle services.

Etimad provides an array of Value added services that enhance the value of its core services. These services further increase the quality of our service levels by providing comfort, luxury and ease access to customers. They range from Lounge, Meet and greet services at the airport, Hotel reservations, Travel products, Telecom products and much more.

Our multi-channel service delivery model allows us to provide the finest and all-encompassing customer experience across multiple touch points and communication channels such as the Visa Centers, Website, Mobile applications, Call Centers, Kiosks, Mail and more.

Value Added Services will be available at each facility. VAS will primarily allow applicants to have:
  • Gold and platinum lounges
  • Other Travel Related and Essential Services
Applicants visiting the visa service centre will have numerous amenities at their disposal. Amongst them, a few are;
  • All Banking facilities
  • Insurance Counter: Health and Travel
  • Hotel Counter
  • Airline Counter
  • Telco Counter (Distributing KSA sim cards free of cost)
  • Attestation of Documents (through MoFA agent)
  • Retail Counters (multiple vendors and travel related retail products)
  • Valet Services (assist in car parking)
  • Meet & Greet Services in KSA (logistically assist applicants through immigration and within their arriving destination)
  • Coffee shop
  • Business Centre
  • Photo Booths








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